People-oriented, quality win to the letter business, honest work

Innovation, unity and cooperation, integrity management, the courage to sacrifice

"Innovation" is through the concept of innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and system innovation, Shi Ling to create a vibrant and dynamic enterprises.

"Unity" is to a harmonious team spirit of hard struggle, to achieve the best efficiency and the best service.

"Business integrity" that integrity of life, hard work, it is the company in the market competition "to defeat the enemy," the magic, is the achievement of a tireless force for the future, is the fundamental foundation Founding of.

"The courage and dedication," is Shi Lingyuan in community, social services corporate values, who is loyal to the enterprise Shi Ling, into the life of society, which requires each employee dedication to enterprise services business mission, depicting Shi Ling better with youth and sweat future.

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