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Copper, aluminum trend Comment:

Yesterday trend: copper, aluminum differentiation trend. Specifically, the copper narrow range throughout the day, close to a small candle. Aluminum signs of weakness, opening up, and then fell sharply, after the close of a large Yinxian.

Today, the overall trend estimate: Copper opened lower today, albeit small, will continue to fluctuate within a narrow range in recent days, to find a breakthrough direction. Aluminum faced preliminary support, while close below support the current round of rising trend line, limited declines today or rebound.

Economic data:

Yesterday, the euro zone industrial output in January monthly rate of 2.1% in the euro area in January industrial output annual rate of 2.8%, greater than the previous two data values ​​and expectations, constitute the euro bullish.


Today, the United States in February retail sales rate, the United States in February core rate of retail sales, US February PPI monthly rate, the United States in February core PPI annual rate, US February PPI annual rate, the United States in February core PPI monthly rate would have announced, these data will have some impact on US interest-rate meeting in March, the basic metals slightly affected.

Guoxin view:

From the data, the European economy is relatively good data from the US dollar, the short-term is still in decline, but it rose yesterday, but did not constitute pressure on base metals. Combined with the dollar, economic data and market trends, and the trend of base metals will be different, today met aluminum support, it is difficult to continue to decline, nickel trading range, to find the direction of shock, copper trend as there is no direction, it will remain range-bound .

Spot copper technology analysis:

Spot copper yesterday received the red, but the space is still in consolidation, it can not operate the narrow range needed to determine the direction before entering recently, spot copper this morning from the operating strategy, we will continue using consolidation transactions, much lower altitude .


Spot copper 4 hours

Spot copper trading strategy:

Radicals: 32000 nearby Try wet storage short operation, stop 32200, 31500 near the target;

Sound by: 31500 nearby Try wet storage more than a single operation, stop 31000, 32800 near the target.

Spot aluminum technical analysis:

Spot aluminum rapid decline yesterday, faced with early support, the probability of continued decline is unlikely, in addition, the fall also met the current round of rising trend line, so in this case in a large number of short outdated, conservative for the operator, empty single positions can be reduced, the radical can also be appropriate empty one, but the position is smaller.


Spot aluminum 4-hour chart

Spot aluminum trading strategy:

Radicals: 10150 near the wet storage short, stop 10230, target near 9950;

Sound by: 9900 near the wet storage, with a stop 9700, near the target 10200.

Special Note:

1, the above analysis on behalf of my personal point of view, and for reference purposes only;

2, pay attention to control the position and set a good full stop;

3, "Learning admission apprentice, learning to master playing is" trailing stop after profit attention, so that his invincible;

4, trading strategies executed only once chance after publishing comments, and then place it is no longer used;

5, a review of the trading strategies, since comments are posted exchanges play an effective date of the settlement point in time before;

6, more stringent discipline.

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